Hathaway & Brian: A #Gildedbride Story

Our rockstar #gildedbride Hathaway traveled to Raleigh, North Carolina to visit Gilded all the way from Boston to find her dream Tara LaTour couture bridal gown. She knew she loved the bold Lindsay dress, but custom ordered it in this dreamy magenta hue. We had a blast working with Hathaway as she picked out her perfect color from personalized swatches sent from Tara herself. We love that she decided to really showcase her fun personality and we were so excited to see her vision come to fruition on her unforgettable wedding day!

Hathaway & Brian | September 9, 2017 | Townsman, Boston, MA

Photographer: Cambria Grace Photography

GILDED: How did you and your spouse meet? What’s your story?

HATHAWAY: We met on Match. We texted and talked for over a week before we met for dinner. We ended up closing the place down and didn’t want the night to end so we stayed up till 4:00 in the morning talking. We’ve been together ever since and we both knew 3 weeks into our relationship that we wanted to get married. I think being older and having been married previously we both knew what we wanted in a relationship. We got married the day after our two year anniversary.

GILDED: What did you love most about your wedding celebration? What are some of your favorite details or special moments?

HATHAWAY: There are so many things we loved about our wedding! Since it wasn’t first marriage for either one of us and because we had each had more traditional weddings before, we felt like we could do something a little different this time and really have it reflect us. We wrote our ceremony and vows and Brian’s sister was our officiant so it was very personal and intimate. I know for me, having my daughter walk me down the aisle and do a reading during the ceremony was very special. We also had the ceremony and reception at a restaurant that is a special place for us. It was like a giant dinner party with all of our closest family and friends. And I would have to say, the photo booth was a HUGE hit, especially with the kids!

GILDED: Did you have a honeymoon? Where did you go and what was your favorite part?

HATHAWAY: We haven’t had a honeymoon yet, we haven’t even figured out where we want to go. I guess that’s what happens when you’re 40 and have hectic lives, jobs and a kid to take care of. But we would love to take one, I think it is important to have a little time with just the two of us.

GILDED: What advice do you have for brides looking for their wedding dress?

HATHAWAY: For my first wedding I had the traditional white wedding dress and for that time in my life it made sense. But this time around I wanted something that truly reflected who I am today. I wanted something unique, bright and happy. So I went with magenta! My advice to brides looking for a dress is don’t be afraid to step outside the box. Don’t be afraid to be different. Be creative and have fun. I had so much fun finding my dress and picking out the color. I came across Tara LaTour’s Instagram page and fell in love with her Lindsay dress, so much so that I flew from Boston to Gilded Bridal with my mother and daughter to try it on. It was not the dress my mother would have picked for me and the magenta color was not the color my daughter wanted for me but in the end I went with what felt right for me, with the dress I knew would reflect the joy and happiness I felt that day, marrying the love of my life. Just be true to yourself. Pick a dress for you, not for anyone else.