Jenna & Shane: A #GildedBride Story

The cutest humans tied the knot recently and we can’t believe there was a dry eye in the house! Grab your tissues and scroll through all of the ADORABLE with us! Jenna and Shane had such a sweet ceremony with loads of personal touches that were extra meaningful to them. They topped off the night with a rocking reception where they danced the night away with their family and friends. Jenna looked stunning in her Daalarna Couture gown from the start of the morning all the way to their romantic sparkler exit! Congrats on forever, Mr. & Mrs. Goronkin!

Jenna and Shane | April 13, 2019 | The Barn of Chapel Hill – Chapel Hill, NC

Photographer: Krista Stevens

Planning: Happily Ever After

GILDED: How did you and your spouse meet?
JENNA: I went to Duke + Shane went to UNC and we met through mutual church friends at
brunch in NYC! A year later we were in ATL for jobs, reconnected, and started

GILDED: What did you love most about your wedding celebration? What are some of your
favorite details or special moments?
JENNA: We had an absolute blast at our wedding! We got to have everyone we loved in our
favorite place as we committed our lives to each other. We loved our ceremony –
our pastor had made it really personal and it reflected us as a couple very well. One
of our favorite details was the way the ceremony site was set up. We had it in front
of the barn doors, with a gorgeous wooden cross and a ton of greenery and flowers.

We had a lot of special moments as just the two of us – we prayed together (without
seeing each other!) before our ceremony, we snuck away to eat dinner alone, and we
had a “last dance” with just the two of us left in the reception space. It really helped
our wedding to feel intimate + allowed us to focus on the vows we had just taken.

GILDED: Did you have a honeymoon? Where did you go and what was your favorite part?
JENNA: We did a “mini-moon” to Belize for a week! It was so nice to just wake up, go get
coffee on the beach, and relax. We rode bikes everywhere, ate lots of yummy
seafood, and just cherished the time together, away from the world! We’re planning
on a longer honeymoon – 3 weeks in Egypt + Greece – in October!

GILDED: What advice do you have for brides looking for their wedding dress?
JENNA: Have a sense of what you want, but don’t feel like you can’t change your mind once
you start trying things on. I thought I would love a certain style and ended up not
liking it at all once it was on me. Bring people you trust to be honest with you – I had
my mom, mother-in-law, and a good friend – they each were able to give me
different perspectives and helped me pick the perfect dress!