5 Alternatives to the Traditional Veil

5 Alternatives to the Traditional Veil

“I don’t want to wear a veil, is that weird?” – brides ask us this all the time. The short answer? NO! You are the boss lady in charge of your perfect wedding day and what you wear or don’t wear is totally up to you! There are so many other accessories that can give your wedding gown the oomph you are looking for. We scoured our designers’ collections and found our favorites. We carry some of these in the shop and can get most of them in to try on if you are interested – so give us a holler if you see something that gives you all the feels!

As wedding dress stylists, it is important to us to make sure the bride feels that she has tried all the options she needs to. In terms of the dress, this means different fabrics, silhouettes, and even colors. As for accessories, this is where a lot of the fun happens.

Here are 5 alternative accessories for the brides out there who want to go unveiled:

1. Capes

Capes have been a really fun new addition to our racks! Designers like Rebecca Schoneveld and Claire La Faye have been killing the cape game with their effortless drama and romantic flow. There’s a few different options for capes: they can attach with a button or clasp around your neck (think superwoman – but make it fashion) or your seamstress can attach a closure to the cape and the straps of your dress. Both ways are great for keeping the cape removable and versatile so you can wear it however you want on your wedding day!

2. Headpieces

Like flower crowns that will never wilt! Headpieces can range from hair combs to tiaras to wreathes – they can be as big or small as you want/need. At Gilded, we are always partial to our Emma Katzka crystal tiaras. It’s the perfect little something to top off your fairytale look. Headpieces are a great option for brides who want an accessory that they can wear again and again.

3. Capelettes

A capelet is just what it sounds like – a smaller version of a cape without any kind of train. They can be flowy like a traditional cape or Veil Trends has a line of their Revel caplettes that act more like jewelry with fun pops of sparkle and (how cool is this?) feathers!

4. Jackets & Robes

Bridal jackets are perfect for a winter bride or anyone who wants to stay cozy and warm on that trip down the aisle. From the more structured blazer feel to the free-flowing kimono look, there is a wide enough variety that you are sure to find the perfect one for your occasion! We don’t have any in stock right now, but if you see one that you are just dying to try on just give us a shout and we will look into getting it on loan for you!

5. Headbands

Hushed Commotion is changing the wedding game with her bridal turbans! They can come in a variety of colors and different sparkle options. She even has an option with an attached veil to match! Definitely great for the glamorous bride looking for a one-of-a-kind piece!