Kate & Corey: A Gilded Bride Story

Kate & Corey: A Gilded Bride Story

Y’all. GOLD DRESS. IRELAND. Get ready for some stunning! Kate and Corey’s destination wedding in the gorgeous rolling hills of Ireland is epic, and Kate’s gold Kate McDonald dress is everything. So much love in these pictures!

Kate & Corey | June 20, 2018 | Minard Castle, Dingle, Ireland

Photographer: Claire Brown

GILDED: How did you and your spouse meet?

KATE: We technically met while riding the same school bus in middle school! He was the cute boy that sat in the back. Years later, after high school, we connected at a party thrown by some mutual friends and have been together ever since (about 10 years now)!

GILDED: What did you love most about your wedding celebration? What are some of your
favorite details or special moments?

KATE: There were so many wonderful things about our day—it truly was perfect. The most incredible part was the overwhelming outpouring of love from our family and closest friends. The fact that they bought last-minute tickets to Ireland because they couldn’t imagine not being there was so unexpected; we couldn’t have felt more special. One of our best friends (who has known us since before we were together) officiated the ceremony, and several of our friends did readings throughout, so it really was a celebration of our relationship and the support of those who have been there throughout it. After the ceremony, we did a pub crawl through Dingle, drinking Guinness and dancing and singing along to the beautiful live music. It was such a fun, love-filled day!

GILDED: Did you have a honeymoon? Where did you go and what was your favorite part?

KATE: Yes! We still had a few days in Ireland after the wedding, but then we headed to Scotland. We started in the Highlands, and the drive through Scotland offered some of the most breathtaking scenery either of us has ever seen. We made stops along the way to check out little towns, every castle possible, and even the Glenfinnan Viaduct (the Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter!). Our favorite part was staying in this small, one-room cabin overlooking a large loch. The views were out of this world! We felt like the only two people in the world and could really relax and enjoy being married. We ended with a few days in Edinburgh, which is such an amazing

GILDED: What advice do you have for brides looking for their wedding dress?

KATE: Go with your gut! I was immediately drawn to my dress when I started looking in the store, and it was the very first one I tried on. It wasn’t what I had imagined myself in at all, but after trying on others that I thought were my style, none of them felt quite right. Choose what feels good on you rather than trying to match an image that you had in your head. And trust the Gilded team! They are dress angels.