Sneha & Joshua: A #gildedbride story

Y’all, HOW CUTE ARE THESE TWO?! Between buying their first home and getting a new puppy, Sneha and Joshua still had time to plan the most gorgeous wedding!  They have proven that even in the most difficult of times there is love to be found and shared. We are sending so much congrats to husband, wife, and pup! 

Sneha & Joshua | October 3, 2020 | The Garden Terrace in Fearrington Village – Pittsboro, NC

Photographer: Samantha Floyd

GILDED: How did you and your spouse meet?

SNEHA: We were introduced to each other by mutual friends, and let’s just say that first impression was not so pleasant, lol. As time went on we started seeing more of each other because of our shared group of friends and with every hangout session our friendship bloomed. After some time we took our friendship to the next level and now 8 years later, we are married and got a little puppy and cannot wait to see what life has to offer!

GILDED: What did you love most about your wedding celebration? What are some of your favorite details or special moments?

SNEHA: I loved the intimacy of the wedding! Every person that was present at the wedding held a special place in our hearts. We had 50 guests and I can place every single person at a time in our lives where they impacted our growth to be who we are today.

Favorite details had to be the elephants. I have a small (that’s a lie…a HUGE) obsession with elephants and I have always wanted to incorporate them into the wedding but didn’t know how. I literally gave the small elephants to the florist at Fearrington and she tucked them in with greenery or candles throughout the venue and it gave me so much joy to find them on the day of.

Special moment of the day had to be our last dance. Josh and I wanted to take the time to have a moment at the end of it all once everyone had left. We slow- danced under the twinkle lights to John Mayer’s cover of XO and just let it all sink in.

GILDED: How did Coronavirus affect your wedding plans? Any advice for brides currently in the planning process?

SNEHA: Our wedding was decreased to 20% of the original plan. We initially planned a church wedding with the reception in the barn, but unfortunately due to the gathering limits and for the safety of our loved one we decided to have both ceremony and reception outside. We scrambled for months trying to decide if we should postpone or keep the original date.

My advice for the current brides is to consider if keeping the original date or postponing the wedding cause more stress on your relationship with your partner/family? Because in the end only the two of you matter, follow your heart because it always knows what is right! Yes that sounds corny but your heart brought you here so far, might as well let it take the lead on this one.

GILDED: What advice do you have for brides looking for their wedding dress?

SNEHA: TRY IT ALL! Try on all types of dresses, not just the one that you had in mind. You might be surprised what you might say yes to! The folks at Gilded Bridal are amazing, Susan actually picked out my dress for me! I gave her an idea of what I liked and VOILA! It’s like she knew this was THE dress for me!!