Paloma & Cameron: A #GildedBride Story

Ironically, looking at photos of this GORGEOUS beach wedding has us craving an ice cold Paloma. We don’t play favorites around here but if we did, Paloma would be at the top of the list! She is a Gilded Bride through and through – from her fabulous Laudae gown, to her crystal tiara, and that adorable pup on her train! Her and Cameron’s wedding was so full of love and fun. Just try not to smile as you scroll through!

Paloma and Cameron | June 15, 2019 | Brown Mountain Beach Resort –  Lenoir, NC

Photographer: Ana Galizes

GILDED: How did you and your spouse meet?

PALOMA: Through mutual friends in Boone, North Carolina

GILDED: What did you love most about your wedding celebration? What are some of your favorite details or special moments?
PALOMA: Having all of our family and friends in one place supporting us. Loved watching all of our friends and family dance and enjoying themselves.

One special moment was after we got married and took our first pictures together, we went back to my bridal suite to have my dress bustled and my sister brought Cam and I some food and we just sat on the couch in silence together and ate. I know it’s a small moment, but I’ll remember it forever.

GILDED: Did you have a honeymoon? Where did you go and what was your favorite part?
PALOMA: We did a mini moon for a couple days after in Kill Devil Hills but our honeymoon is in a couple of weeks. We are going to Mexico. Mexico City -> Isla Mujeres -> Tulum

GILDED: What advice do you have for brides looking for their wedding dress?
PALOMA: Pick a dress that makes you feel like yourself. I tried on a lot of dresses that I really liked but when I found the one, I knew it instantly because I felt like the authentic me. Plus, I felt beautiful and that’s always a good feeling.